bae u should draw tf2 stuffs ;)))

maybe someday

who is moch

a friend of mine who rly like to dance conga

I feel privileged to read and understand your Bahasa 4koma for some reason I less than three Dika a lot

Oh wow your art is so pretty!! (^u^)b

thanks! jnrhmjr

My heart belongs to you, Tan-senpie

i think i know who you’re, secret lover

how do you come up with the characters names? or a tip?? your oc's names are so cute aaa

oH WOW this is the first time someone compliment my skill at naming grthk

tbh i am sucks at naming, but i am gonna give u some tips

do research, researching the meaning of ur oc name is rly important, otherwise ppl will get offended like, u named ur oc from tagalog language but u dont know that name consider a bad name at philippines etc etc etc

get creative! sometimes i named my ocs fruit name, or flower name from other language, people will find it interesting plus its cute! or you can try play with the words, like for example mono came from monogatari which mean tales, or story

and if you’re too lazy to do research or checking other shit, these website r your best friends

20000 names

baby names

behind the names

these 3 are my top source of names

hopes this helps you


tan do u have a steam account? i've heard that u have been playing TF2 these days

ye its “cosmodust”

Tan I think im in love with the guy in ur recent project? (that Zombie Apocalypse) he looks so badass sobs ^,,,q,,,^ also awesome drawings as always!

thank you finn……….. 

i am planning to make it a comic book and publish it! hhehehe

Gila gambar lo keren bgt sih


good art! I hope you continue to draw.

thank you! yes i will!